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With locations in more than 95 countries worldwide, Subway is one of the most recognized fast food chains in thesubwaylogo world. The company was started in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck. DeLuca and Buck opened the first Subway restaurant in Bridgeport, CT. The first restaurant was a success and by 1974, the company had expanded to 16 locations in the Connecticut area. 1974 also marked the year that DeLuca and Buck decided to franchise the company.

Today, DeLuca is still acting president of the company. Subway is a privately owned company with more than 10,000 international locations and a reported $15 billion in yearly revenue.

Subway is not like other fast food restaurants. The company offers only the best and freshest sandwich options. Subway restaurants allow customers to completely customize sandwiches with everything from pickles and banana peppers to a host of meats such as pepperoni and turkey. Certain Subway locations also serve breakfast items.

If you enjoy helping people choose healthier fast food options and can provide service with a smile and enthusiasm, a job with Subway could be what you have been looking for. You can find out more about the company, as well as how to fill out a Subway job application by reading below.

Submitting a Subway Job Application Online: If you would like to jump start your career with Subway, the first step in the employment process is filling out a Subway job application. Subway no longer offers printed applications. However, you can start the application process with Subway by going to the Subway website. When you go on the Subway website, locate the “careers” section.

After you go to the careers area of the Subway website, three search options will appear on the screen. You can search for Subway headquarters jobs, local jobs or regional jobs. If you would like to search for local jobs, simply click on the “local restaurant jobs” link.

You will be directed to a different website once you choose the appropriate link. You need Microsoft Silverlight to continue to the website. If you do not have it, you can quickly and easily download it before proceeding.

Once you have the appropriate software installed, a page will appear for Subway jobs. You can view job descriptions on the page, as well as search for job positions in your area.

If you want to view job descriptions, simply select the “job descriptions” link on the page. A list of positions will appear. Click on each position to view the description.
If you want to search for jobs in your area, click on the “apply today” link. The site will ask for your zip code. Input your zip code and select a city from a list that appears. Click the “show stores” link. A list of Subway locations in that area will appear. Choose your work locations and click “apply.” A box will appear asking for your first and last name, as well as your email address. Enter the information required. Once you enter the required information, you will receive a confirmation message. The message will tell you to check your email for the job application.

When the email arrives with application, follow the job application link provided in the email. A page will appear with the Subway job application. On the Subway employment application, you will be required to answer a questionnaire. You must also include your contact information and previous work information. Once you have completely filled out the employment application, look it over and click the “submit” button at the bottom of the screen.

Printable Job Application- Subway Doesn’t Provide A Printable Application At This Time.

Common Job Positions at Subway: Subway offers interested applicants a variety of job opportunities within the company. Many people who begin working at Subway start out in common positions such as sandwich artist and senior sandwich artist. Other positions with the company include shift supervisor, assistant restaurant manager and general restaurant manager.

Subway also has positions at the career-level such as accounts payable assistant, customer care representative, clerical assistant, financial assistant, network administrator and office assistant.

Certain positions with Subway may require additional work experience or education.

Minimum Age to Work at Subway: Applicants who are interested in working at a Subway restaurant location must be 16 or older.

Subway Employment Benefits: While many Subway restaurants are franchised, the company strives to ensure all employees receive a variety of benefits. For example, all employees are entitled to paid job training, flexible work schedules and industry competitive pay wages. Subway also strives to provide all employees with the opportunity to advance within the company, as well. Employees may also receive food and restaurant discounts.

Employees who qualify may also receive additional benefits. Qualified Subway employees may receive benefits such as medical insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, as well as life insurance and disability insurance. Qualified employees are also offered retirement options, vacation pay, and credit union membership options.

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