Sales Associate Job Description

The sales associate occupation is in high demand, and companies hire and retain employees that possess effective customer service skills and maintain positive interactions with customers. Many companies employ sales associates to market and sell their products or inventory of products, because customers provide positive feedback about a company when the sales representatives make them feel appreciated and valued. For this reason, some companies sponsor customer service training programs for entry level sales associates. In addition to training new sales associates with the fundamentals of effective customer service, many companies also provide these sales associates with training regarding company guidelines and policies.

With most sales associate job positions, applicants are required to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. However, some employers may prefer to hire individuals with some college experience. Candidates for entry level sales associate positions are usually required to have the ability to learn new concepts coupled with enthusiastic personalities, whereas applicants for advanced-level sales associate positions may be required to possess previous work experience as sales associates.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2010 and 2020, job opportunities for retail salespersons are expected to grow by 17%. In 2010, retail sales workers held 4,465,500 jobs, and by 2020, retail sales workers are expected to hold 739,400. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that job opportunities for sales associates are expected to be more prevalent in the retail sector, especially in warehouse clubs and supercenters in comparison to other industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly pay for retail salespersons is reported to be $9.94 as of May 2010.

Job Duties

Sales associates generally spend a large portion of their work day communicating with customers, providing information regarding product benefits and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their experience in the store. Sales associates represent the employers’ store or specific product brands. Their specific job responsibilities may consist of:

• Keeping the work environment neat and clean.
• Ensuring that all products or merchandise are placed in their respective areas.
• Ensuring that all stock is replenished.
• Helping customers locate merchandise or find suitable alternatives.
• Participating in periodic team meetings.
• Actively engaged in developing more effective customer service skills.
• Being knowledgeable about the benefits and uses of each product.
• Communicating with managers regarding customer concerns and employee matters.
• Greeting customers with a positive demeanor.
• Maintaining an enthusiastic and upbeat personality.
• Handling sales transactions, which may include operating cash registers.
• Providing honest and positive feedback to customers regarding the best products that fit the customers’ expectations.

Physical Requirements:

Sales associates spend a considerable amount of time standing and walking throughout their workday. Because they work directly with the public, sales associates move about throughout the store and communicate product information to incoming customers. Sales associates are also responsible for stocking merchandise, moving stock and retrieving merchandise from store shelves.


Most sales associates are required to work in a team environment, and thus, they must have effective interpersonal communication skills. Professionalism is an important skill that sales associates must possess. When customers enter retail settings, they typically communicate with sales associates prior to speaking with managers and other departmental employees. Sales associates must have the ability to adhere to company policies and procedures and interact with customers based upon their employers’ expectations. They also must maintain a presentable and well-dressed appearance in addition to being honest with each customer.

Interaction with Co-workers:

Sales associates are team members in coalition with other sales associates in each company or department. Sales associates are required to maintain positive relationships with their co-workers and provide assistance to other co-workers, which is an integral part of being in a team environment. Sales associates may also be required to interact positively and professionally with employees in other company departments.

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    I am looking for work whether it be part time or full time. The hours are very flexible for me. I do have retail sales as I have worked for walmart, winn dixie, publix. I am looking for a chance to get back to work. For the past couple of years I was taking care of my parents but they are now both deceased. As for children, I have none to worry about. I am a 46 year old lady with plenty of experience.

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    I am very interested in a sales associate position.

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    Im interested in the sales associate position. I’m a neat person hard worker won 3 years in the honor roll academic achievers 3.5 To 3.9 GAP graduated high school from Putnam Voc. Tech. High School organize amazing people skills and good and healthy physical ….

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