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If you love shoes and providing clients with information and stellar customer service, you might be interested in working for Payless ShoeSource. Additionally, you may be able to earn apayless healthy commission in a sales position. Payless ShoeSource company has been offering discount footwear to clients since 1956. It is place where people from various economic backgrounds shop to find affordable footwear for work, business and play. There are approximately 4,700 stores across the United States.

To find out more information on Payless ShoeSource and its application process, please read the information below.

Submitting a Payless Job Application: Payless ShoeSource does not have a paper application that job seekers can complete. If you desire to work for this company, you must fill out an online job application. You must first visit the Payless ShoeSource career website to begin your journey for employment.

First, you will choose whether you are looking for retail careers or corporate careers. You will click the link for the type of position you are seeking. Clicking the link will direct you to another page that will give you a brief overview of the company. Click “next” to go to the next page after reading the exciting company information.

To the bottom right of the page, you will see a link to click on for openings. Then, you will select from a list of areas that have Payless ShoeSource openings. If you are from the United States, you will select the appropriate link for United States job openings. The next page will show you bold titles and a list of other job opportunities that come up within the company. You can read descriptions of each position. The bold titles are links that you may click on, as they are current opportunities.

When you click on a title of interest, a brief video will play for you. The video will discuss the tasks involved with the position. It will give you a chance to decide whether the job is the right fit for you. If you are still interested in the position after watching the video, you may proceed to the online job application section by clicking “apply now.” The “apply now” link will take you to a page where you can select the appropriate position, log in, and fill out the necessary application information. If this is your first time applying with the company, you will need to click the “register now” link and sign up before proceeding with your application.

Common Found Jobs: Wide varieties of jobs are available with Payless. The type of position you can qualify for depends on your experience level and expertise.

Most people with little to no experience can apply for entry-level positions. They part-time and full-time sales associate opportunities. A sales associate is a person who sells the merchandise using friendliness, strategy, and product knowledge. Sales associates are paid a base salary plus a commission based on the products they sell.

A person with management experience can apply for a store manager position. A store manager is responsible for driving sales in the store. He or she is also responsible for scheduling, training, inventory, hiring, firing, and high-tier customer care. Store management opportunities usually require several years of experience or a degree in the business field. Assistant Managers earn approximately $9 to $12 an hour. Store managers can earn approximately $50,000 per year.

High-level positions include such positions as Assistant District Leader, District Leader, and Group Leader. These positions involve responsibility for a cluster of stores within the area. Applicants for these opportunities must have a passion for fashion, strong customer service skills, and a superior level of management skills.

Minimum Age to Work: You must be at least 17 years of age to work for Payless ShoeSource.

Employment Benefits: Payless offers a plethora of enjoyable benefits to its employee. First, the salary is quite competitive as compared to other companies. Secondly, they offer flexible work schedules, paid training, insurance coverage, 401K, employee discounts, tuition reimbursement, and much more. If you are looking for an all around perfect job opportunity, then stop by the site and fill out a application today. You may be working very soon.

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  1. Cierra Gilliam says:

    My name is Cierra Gilliam and i would love to work here at Payless.

  2. Laura Villarreal says:

    Looking for a job at payless

  3. Juilssa Sandoval says:

    I really want to work at a Payless store

  4. Sandy says:

    I love shoes! And have a passion for fasion!
    I want a job at payles!

  5. amanda contreras says:

    I have great customer service… Also the best when comes to sales. I would very much like to work for payless shoes.

  6. Rosa says:

    My name is Rosa, I would like to work at Payless because i love shoes and I’m a friendly person. I hope i can get a opportunity.

  7. Shauntasia Bracy says:

    I need a job very bad. My dad or mom are not working. My dad is hurt so he cannot hardly work and my mom is just a house wife. I need to help provide for my family. My sister is the only in the house that has a job. I really need a job.

  8. Angela says:

    My name is Angela Im good with other people and would like a job at Payless.

  9. Ollie Threadgill says:

    I have good Customer Service skills and I love shoes.

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