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Whether you lovemacys discovering the latest fashion trends or enjoy top quality products, becoming an employee for Macy’s means you could enjoy selling the best in both apparel and other products. Macy’s department stores are known for selling high quality products from apparel and perfume to bedding and other home goods. The company was started in New York City, in 1858, and has since expanded to include over 800 locations across the United States. Macy’s also has plans to further expand in the future.

You can find out how to fill out a Macy’s application at the company website, as well as more information about the company, as well as the many benefits of working for them by reading below.

Submitting a Macy’s Job Application: Filling out a application form is simple. If you are interested in working for Macy’s, you can find all available jobs with the company by visiting the Macy’s website and locating the Macys’ jobs page at the bottom of the site. Whether you want to work at a store as part of the store support team or would prefer working for corporate, you can search all available jobs on the Macy’s career website.

To search for jobs, choose the “job function” you are interested in, as well as the state you would like to find available positions. Once you choose what you would like to search, you will see a list of relevant jobs available in your area. You can click on any title you would like to apply for. You will be prompted to create an account on the website. You must fill out your email address, as well as create a security question before you are taken to the application.

You can choose to upload your resume or finish your job application without including a resume. You must completely fill out the application form online before you submit it. You can use your Macy’s application to apply for all other jobs within the company. You may have to answer specific questions for certain jobs before you can submit your application.

Common Job Positions: Macy’s offers a large selection of employment positions. Many people who are employed with Macy’s are employed as store level employees. Store level positions include sales associate, women’s sales associate, men’s sales associate, footwear associate, furniture associate, bedding associate, children’s apparel associate, jewelry associate, and beauty associate. The purpose of each associate position with Macy’s is to ensure all customers have a satisfactory shopping experience. Typically, Macy’s associates are trained to ring on the register, zone store departments, and help all customers.

Management positions are also considered store level positions. Management positions include store department supervisor, store assistant manager, and general store manager. Supervisors and managers have varying duties that may include opening and closing the store, helping customers, and ensuring all department and store paperwork is updated regularly.

Other store positions may include loss prevention associate, officer of security, janitor and maintenance technician. Corporate positions with Macy’s include employment specialist, field service technician, and business analyst.

Minimum Age to Work: If you want to work for Macy’s, you must be at least 18 years or older to be considered for a job position.

Employment Benefits: Macy’s offers both part-time and full-time employees a variety of job benefits. All employees are offered competitive wages, as well as paid on-the-job training, flexible work schedules, and advancement opportunities.

Certain employees are eligible to receive additional job benefits, as well. Macy’s offers qualified employees dental, vision, and medical insurance, as well as retirement plans, and life insurance options.


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