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In 1883, Bernard Kroger opened the very first Kroger store. The first store was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio. The founder of Kroger had the idea of placing bakeries and butchers in the store in an effort to make shopping easierkroger for customers. Today, Kroger has more than 3,000 store locations across the United States.

Kroger caters to every type of grocery shopper by offering a wide selection of fresh produce, fresh meat, organic products, and more. Certain Kroger stores also offer a sushi bar, floral department, and specialty wine department.

People who want to work for Kroger should be dedicated to customer service, as well as strive to go above and beyond so customers keep coming back. If you feel you have the qualities Kroger desires in employees, continue reading to find out how to apply for a job position with Kroger, as well as more about the various types of perks and benefits the company offers.

Submitting a Kroger Job Application: Kroger does not give applicants the option of filling out a printed employment application. Instead, all interested applicants must complete a job application through the Kroger career website.

Kroger has created a very simple employment area for workers who are seeking employment with the company. You can search for Kroger positions by following the job category links on the employment page. For example, if you are interested in store positions, you can follow the “store opportunities” link.

Once you click on the link for the type of job you would like to look for, you can fill out your zip code to narrow your job search. Once you input your zip code, a list of Kroger stores in your search area will appear. You can click on any location that best suits your needs. Once you select a location, you have the option of reading through a list of frequently asked questions or going right to the job application.

Before you start the application, you have the option of creating a restart code. You may want to create a restart code in case you need to finish the application at a later time or lose internet access on accident.

After you choose to create a restart code, you can proceed to the online application. You will be asked for your contact information, as well as your social security number, and your driver’s license number. Before you can complete your application, you must also consent to a background check.

During the Kroger application process, you are required to answer a variety of questions regarding what you are willing to do on the job, as well as whether or not you have ever been terminated from a previous job. You will also be asked about the type of schedule you can work, as well as when you would be able to start working. You may also have to answer additional questions before the application is considered complete.

If you wish to apply for other Kroger job positions, you can search and apply for those positions the same way you would search and apply for store positions. Certain positions may require a resume or additional information.

Common Jobs At Kroger: Kroger offers both part-time and full-time positions. Typically, workers who are new to the Kroger family begin working in entry-level positions such as cashier, general store clerk, meat clerk, produce clerk customer service clerk, and regular grocery associate.

Other positions with Kroger include management positions such as department leader, assistant store manager, management trainee, and store manager. Pharmacy positions with Kroger include pharmacy technician and pharmacist.

Minimum Age to Work: Kroger employees must typically be 16 years old. However, certain positions may require associates to be at least 18.

While entry-level positions may not require specific work or educational history, certain positions with Kroger may require previous management experience, degrees in a specific field, and licensing in a specific field.

Employment Benefits: Kroger employees are offered a large selection of job benefits and perks. All Kroger employees are entitled to enjoying benefits such as competitive pay, superior job training, and a balanced work life.

Certain Kroger employees are eligible to receive additional benefits such as medical benefits, retirement options, paid vacation, group insurance options, and credit union membership.

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  1. Jiriberi says:

    I need a job please.

  2. angela newell says:

    I applied for a job at my local Kroger.

  3. Charles Reno says:

    I have tried to put my application in here but I do not no how to use a computer never had one when I was in school do not under stand why you all can not give people like me who do not no how to use one a paper application I need a job I am a hard worker and I have a11 year old son that I have to support!!!!! why is this if you cant use a computer you cant put up stock or clean floors I just don’t under stand.

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