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Jimmy John’s was founded by Jimmy John Liataud in 1983, in Chicago, Illinois. Liataud had just completed school and did not want to join the military. Instead, he borrowed money from his father tojimmyjohns start a small sandwich stand. At his stand, Liataud offered quality meats on fresh bread. The sandwich stand quickly gained a positive reputation around Chicago. By 1985, Liataud bought out his father’s share of the company and started a second Jimmy John’s shop in Macomb, Illinois.

In 1993, Jimmy John’s worked with Francorp to help with franchising the company. Currently, there are over 950 Jimmy John’s locations throughout the United States. However, only 5% of Jimmy John’s locations are actually corporate owned.

Unlike many other sandwich shops, Jimmy John’s strives to provide on the best and freshest ingredients to customers. Jimmy John’s offers at least 17 regular sandwich items such as the J.J.B.L.T. and the Turkey Tom. Jimmy John’s also offers several side dishes including dill pickles, potato chips and cookies.

If serving fresh, gourmet sandwiches and helping customers sounds like your ideal job, Jimmy John’s could be the perfect company for you. You can learn more about how to complete a Jimmy John’s job application, as well as the different types of job positions the company offers by reading below.

Submitting a Jimmy Johns Job Application: Jimmy John’s makes searching and completing a job application simple. If you are interested in working for Jimmy John’s, you can start the application process by visiting the company website. Once you are on the website, select the “company” link located at the top of the main page. After you select the link, click on the “jobs” link located on the side of the page. After you click on the “jobs” link, a search pop-up will appear. In the search pop-up, you have the option of searching for positions by zip code, state and job positions. After you have input the required information, click on the “search” button at the bottom of the pop-up. A list of available jobs will appear.

You can click on the job title to read more about what the position entails. Once you click on a job position, the contact information for the store will appear, as well.

You cannot apply for positions online. However, Jimmy John’s does offer a printable job application. You can download the job application by clicking on the “Job application PDF” header located on the side of the page or just visit the link below.

Once you click on the header, the application will download onto your computer. Print off the application once it has downloaded.

On the application, you will need to include information such as your full name and address, as well as your desired position and available hours. You must also include two references on your job application. After you have completely filled out the job application, you may submit it to any Jimmy John’s location you would like to work at.

Printable Job Application- Jimmy Johns Printable Application

Common Job Positions at Jimmy John’s : Jimmy John’s restaurants have a variety of job positions that must be filled. Common positions with the company include line cook, team member, dishwasher, prep cook, baker, shift supervisor, assistant store manager and general store manager.

Jimmy John’s also has catering positions such as catering manager and catering specialist.

Other positions with the company include area manager, delivery driver, marketer, security rock star, restaurant owner, management trainer and business coach.

Minimum Age to Work: If you would like to work for Jimmy John’s, you must be at least 16 years of age or older.

Jimmy John’s Employment Benefits: Jimmy John’s offers several benefits to all employees. Every employee is eligible for generous food discounts, flexible work scheduling and competitive base pay.

Jimmy John’s also offers additional benefits to employees who meet certain criteria. Additional benefits include health insurance and more.

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