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heblogoThe first H-E-B store was opened in 1905 in Texas. H-E-B stores are owned by the HEB Grocery Company. The HEB Grocery Company also owns other retail chains such as Joe V’s Smart Shop and Central Market. H-E-B stores can be found throughout the Texas area and in certain parts of Mexico. Currently, the company has over 300 locations and employees more than 70,000 workers.

H-E-B could be the perfect place to work for those who love working in a grocery setting and helping customers. If you feel that you would enjoy working for H-E-B, you can learn more about filling out a job application by reading below.

Submitting a H-E-B Job Application: H-E-B has simplified the application process by providing applicants with the opportunity to search and apply for job positions online. If you are interested in working for H-E-B, you can go to the company website to search for positions, as well as apply for jobs.

You can find the “careers” section of the H-E-B website by scrolling down to the bottom of the main page of the company website. Underneath the “company information” header, you will find a link for careers.

Click on the “careers” link to go to the company careers section. When you click on the link, a page will appear with a list of job fields. You can choose to search for jobs in areas such as hourly store jobs, management positions, corporate jobs, pharmacist jobs and warehouse jobs. When you decide what type of job you would like to search for, simply click on the search link located underneath the job category. For example, if you are interested in hourly store positions, you would click on the “search store jobs” link.

After you click on the link, a search page will appear. You need to fill out the required criteria before continuing your job search. Once you have input the appropriate information, click on the “search” button located at the bottom of the page.

Once you click the search button, a list of available job positions will appear. Click on a job title to read a description of the job position, as well as where the position is located, the minimum pay rate for the job, and what is required to do the job.

If you find a job that you would like to apply for, click on the “apply to job” link at the bottom of the job description.

When you click “apply to job” a window will pop up. The pop up window is the login/account creation screen. You will need to create an account before filling out a job application. You will need a valid email address to create your account.

Once you create your account, you can start your job application. You will be asked to include information such as your age, your work history and your educational history on your application. You will also need to answer a series of questions related to the job.

You will be asked to complete an assessment at the end of your application. You will have the opportunity to review and correct any issues on your application before you submit it.

Printable Job Application- H-E-B Doesn’t Provide A Printable Application At This Time.

Common Jobs at H-E-B: H-E-B offers a variety of job positions to applicants. Common positions with H-E-B include cashier, item checker, checkout specialist, customer service representative, cooking coach, meat cutter, stocker, hourly manager, department supervisor, assistant store manager, general store manager, district manager, loss prevention associate, benefits advisor, recruiter, HR manager and intern.

Minimum Age to Work at H-E-B: H-E-B requires all applicants to be at least 16 years of age to be considered for employment.

H-E-B Employment Benefits: H-E-B employees enjoy a variety of job benefits. All H-E-B employees are offered above average pay wages, advancement opportunities, flexible work schedules, and much more.

Employees who qualify for additional benefits can receive retirement options, health insurance, vacation pay and holiday pay.

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    I am interested in Clerical positions at HEB.

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