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GameStop is a specialty retailer that specializes in video games, consoles, and game accessories. The company was established in 1984 and was originally called Babbage’s. GameStop was acquired by Barnes & Noblegamestop Booksellers in the 1990s. By 2004, GameStop became an independent company.

For people who enjoy video games, as well as working with people in a thriving environment, Game Stop could be the perfect employment choice. You can learn more the company and the application process by reading the article below.

Submitting a Gamestop Job Application: GameStop offers a printable application for certain positions. If you want employment them as a game advisor or key holder, you can print the application, fill it out, and take it to the store of your choice. You also have to print out a background check agreement and turn it in with your GameStop application.

If you do not want to turn in a online job application, you can also apply for available game advisor positions and other positions online. You can find available positions by visiting  the “career opportunities” page of the GameStop website. When you follow the link, you can choose the position category you are interested in. For example, if you would like a store sales position, you would select the “sales/game advisor” category.

When you select a category, you are provided with a list of available positions. You can choose a position by clicking on the title of the job. Once you click on a title, the description of the job, as well as what is expected of an employee in that position will appear. At the bottom of the description, you have the option of applying for the position. Select the “upload a new resume” option underneath “apply.” You are then taken to a screen that will ask you if you want to upload a resume or continue without a resume. You can choose to include your resume or proceed to the employment application.

While certain positions such as store sales jobs with GameStop do not require a resume, other positions may require you to include one with your job application. Once you complete your application online, you can use it to apply for other available positions.

For management positions, you have to complete an application on the GameStop website. To apply for a management positions, you can complete one application, and use it to apply for multiple management positions. You have to include all relevant information such as previous management experience. You also need to include an updated resume. 

Common Jobs Found at Gamestop: GameStop offers both entry-level employment opportunities and professional employment opportunities. However, many people who begin working for them are typically started as a game advisor. A game advisor helps customers by answering game-related questions, ringing up purchases, and keeping the store clean. A game advisor position is typically part-time.

Other store-level positions include senior game advisor, assistant store manager, and store manager. The management team is responsible for opening and closing the store, as well as keeping inventory under control, helping customers, and counting down registers.

They also has a variety of other positions such as district manager, employee relations manager, and warehouse members.

Minimum Age to Work: GameStop requires that all applicants be 16 years old to work for the company.

Employment Benefits: GameStop provides employees with a relaxed work environment, as well as with an excellent work/life ratio. All employees also have advancement opportunities through the company, as well as a generous employee discount on certain merchandise.

Both full and part-time GameStop employees who qualify can receive health benefits such as medical and dental insurance. Certain members of management will also receive vacation pay, sick pay, and 401k plan options.

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  1. Donny Allen says:

    Hello, im very educated when it comes to influencing concerned customers about what type of game they want to buy. I can insure you that I can be a very loyal and paitent worker.

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    I really want to work at Gamestop.

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    I applied for a job at Game Stop I hope they contact me soon.

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    I William and I would love to be a game stop worker I could really use the job.

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