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If you are someone who enjoys working in a retail environment and has a penchant for shoes and athletic gear, openings at Foot Locker might interest you. Foot Locker is one of the premier shoe stores in the world with a reputation to match. Not only is working with them a terrific opportunity, but it can be the stepping stone to a respectable career.

By reading below, you can learn all about how to apply for a job. We will go through all the requirements for submitting a  job application.

Submitting a Foot Locker Job Application: For those who are interested in working at Foot Locker, simply go to the career site. This is the Career Center on the Foot Locker website, with links to various employment openings and other opportunities. Foot Locker is a diverse company with various departments where you can apply for a job. If you are not sure about where you want to work, click on the links underneath the “Quick U.S. Career Opportunities” heading.

The Career Center gives the option of clicking on “Foot Locker Corporate”, “Foot Locker”, “Footaction”, “Lady Foot Locker”, or “Kids Foot Locker”.

The corporate link is for management, accounting, financial, or marketing jobs at the head offices. Each of the available positions has a different set of requirements. When you click the link, all openings are displayed. You can sort the openings based on job category,  location or brand. When you click on an available job, you will see a page with information about the job description and the experience/skills required to apply. If you click on “Apply Now”, you will be able to apply.

The “Foot Locker” link is for jobs at Foot Locker stores. Enter your zip code and you will see a map with nearby stores that have employment openings. Click on a store to see what employment opportunities are available. Click on apply now and you can begin your job application. The same applies in the Footaction, Lady Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker sections.

Once you have clicked on the “apply now” tab, enter your email address and create an account. The next page will ask for all of your personal information, the days and hours you are available to work, information about your previous jobs, and your resume. Enter all of the information correctly, upload all required documents, and click on “Apply for Job” to finalize your employment application form.

After you submit the form, you will receive an email from the system informing you that your Foot Locker application is complete.

Common Jobs Found: There are two types of jobs available at the Foot Locker stores. The first is a sales associate, and the second is a store manager. The sales associate job requires an employee to help assist customers, sell products, and work the cash register. Having a positive personality, hard working nature, and friendly attitude is necessary to succeed as a sales associate.

To work as a store manager, you need to have previous experience in the retail industry. A store manager is in charge of recruiting, training, hiring, firing, customer service issues, merchandise, inventory, and general store maintenance.

Jobs at the Corporate Offices vary depending on what openings there are. At this moment, there are openings for a Financial Analyst, Management Trainee, Digital Marketing Manager, CCS Buyer, Store Planner, Staff Accountant and Sales Associates. Each of these position have a unique set of requirements and duties. If you think you are right for any of these positions, click on the Foot Locker corporate link and begin applying.

Minimum Age to Work: You must be at least 18 years old to hold a part time or full time position.

Employment Benefits: Working at Foot Locker is the perfect way to enter the retail industry. Working for a company with a positive reputation will help you in your future job search. Employees get discounts on merchandise in all stores, as well as other perks. They  pay competitive wages, with the opportunity for raises based on performance.

Full time employees are entitled to greater benefits, such as insurance, retirement planning, and pay during vacations and sick days.

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