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Selling quality products at low prices is what sets Dollar General apart from other retailers. If you enjoy helping people find great deals on quality products, working for Dollar General could be the start to your rewardingdollargeneral career in retail.

While Dollar General may not be a large department store, going into a store can give you the feeling of being in a large department chain. Dollar General was started in Scottsville, Kentucky in 1955. The company was originally considered a true dollar store that only sold items for a dollar or less. However, as the company grew more successful,  began carrying more products, and stopped selling everything for under a dollar. Today, you can find Dollar General stores all over the United States. The company has become known for selling discounted brand name merchandise, as well as quality off-brand merchandise at a value.

If you are interested in working for Dollar General and would like to know more about the company, as well as how to fill out an employment application, read more below.

Submitting a Dollar General Job Application: If you are interested in working for Dollar General, there are two ways you can apply for jobs. The way you apply for employment with depends on the position you are interested in. If you are interested in working as an hourly store associate, you can print a job application for employment off the Dollar General career website or by clicking the link above or you could pick up a employment application at any Dollar General location.

Once you have a physical application, you must fill it out completely. Include your name, contact information, work history, and educational history. You do not have to include a resume with your application if you are applying for an hourly store position.

Once you complete your application form, you can turn it in to any store location. All stores hire according to the needs of each specific store.

If you are interested in a management position, you must complete an online application. You can apply for positions as store manager, district manager, and regional manager positions through the company website. You can find links on the “careers” section of the company website for each type of management position. Once you click on a link, you will be taken to the online application process.

Common Found Jobs: Dollar General offers interested applicants the opportunity to work a variety of jobs within the company. Typically, many people who start working for them are started in hourly store positions. Hourly store positions with Dollar General include cashier, stocker, regular sales associate, and shift leader.

Store-level management positions include assistant store manager, and store manager. To qualify for a management position, you may need previous work experience in management.

Other common jobs include district management, as well as warehouse supervisor, inbound and outbound manager, operations manager, and store merchandiser.

To qualify for certain positions such as corporate positions, you may need to have additional work history, training, or educational background.

Minimum Age to Work: Applicants who are interested in employment must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Dollar General Employment Benefits: Dollar General offers company employees a variety of perks and benefits. Typically, employees can enjoy perks such as flexible work schedules, paid work training, competitive retail salaries, opportunities for advancement, and more.

They also offer additional benefits to eligible employees. Eligible employees have the opportunity to opt into health benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as 401K retirement plans. In addition to health benefits, Dollar General also offers eligible employees benefits such as paid time off, bonus incentives, educational and home financing help, flexible spending accounts, and more.

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  1. Tj Gamble says:

    Wish me luck.. I need this job.

  2. Sloane Gowans says:

    LookinG for full or part time job.

  3. Amanda Wright Herrin says:

    I have been an employ of Dollar General in South Georgia about 8years ago, even had the opportunity to be enrolled in college w/ a scholarship. I married and became a stay at home mom for many years, staying ever so busy. I would like the opportunity to be a part of the DG team once again. I am a people person and can work very hard. I know the items and prices fairly well.

  4. Antoinette Rayner says:

    l dont have a job .But l would like to work there because that is my favorite store so I can give my daughter what she needs.

  5. Mildred Lail says:

    I am interested in a part time job at the new store in process on Wards Road Lynchburg, VA. I submitted my application and I look forward to hearing back from them.

  6. Quenisha says:

    I am currently a high school student seeking employment.

  7. Jerica Baldwin says:

    I’m looking for part time work.

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