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Creating a cashier resume is very simple to accomplish if you know what should be included. The resume that you create will be provided to companies that you would potentially like to work for. The resume should highlight all of your skills that are relevant to the cashier position that you are applying for. Some of these skills may include a good understanding of math, the ability to handle money transactions, trustworthy and a people person. Getting along with people is a big requirement for cashiers, as they deal with a wide variety of customers daily.

The resume that you create should be to the point and very easy to read. Information that is not relevant to the job does not need to be included. For example, skills in lifting heavy boxes or working with tools is not something that needs to be placed on a cashier resume. Education, training and any certificates received in working with cash registers or mathematics should be included on the resume.

Your employment history should be listed starting with your most recent employer. Even if your previous work does not have anything to do with the cashier field, it still needs to be put on the resume to show that you have held job positions in the past. The previous jobs should be placed in order to make it easy for the recruiter to read over.Ensure that all information that you have put on your resume in true and correct. Previous employment jobs should have the corrected addresses and phone numbers in the event that a recruiter should contact them as a reference. Be sure to mention any and all responsibilities that you had at a job, especially if they are relevant to cashier experience. Having experience in the cashier field or working with numbers will help you in obtaining a new position. This could include responsibilities such as organization on the job, maintaining excellent customer service, taking the necessary precautions in the safety of money and more.

This sample cashier resume can be used as a template to give prospective job candidates an idea of how their resume should look. Additional skills and information can be added to your cashier resume as you see fit. Be sure to use this template as a guide and change the information to match your skills, abilities, employment history and personal information.

General Resume Sample For A Cashier

John Smith
987 Apple Street
New York, New York, USA
Telephone Number: 212-324-4324
E-mail Address:

Objectives: To obtain a cashier position where I can utilize my excellent math skills, take care of daily money transactions and work with a variety of customers.


  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • The ability to organize a variety of filing systems
  • Vast computer knowledge and ability to work with the latest software
  • Knowledge of accounting and cash handling software
  • Sharp thinking skills and ability to handle difficult situations
  • Ability to learn new skills at a fast pace
  • Excellent customer service skills and record with previous employers
  • Willing to take on additional responsibilities

Work Experience:

Whole Foods, Brooklyn, New York
Head Cashier
January 2010 – Present


  • Working cash registers to check out customers
  • Training newly hired cashiers
  • Overseeing all cash transactions
  • Balancing the cash inventory on a daily basis
  • Using mathematical skills to fix cash register errors

Hard Rock Cafe, Manhattan, New York
Head Cashier
January 2008 – January 2010


  • Handling all cash and credit transactions that took place in the dining space
  • Responsible for stick piling the inventory on a daily basis
  • Developed a restaurant-specific inventory for easier restaurant management
  • Trained the new cashier, wait staff and hostesses of the restaurant
  • Maintenance of all restaurant accounts

Shop Rite, Brooklyn, New York
January 2006 – January 2008


  • Handling cash and credit transactions at cash registers
  • Possess a friendly personality with all customers
  • Assist customers in taking advantage of sales
  • Use coupons effectively

Education History:

American School, Manhattan, New York
General High School Diploma
2002 – 2006

Cashier Training Course, Brooklyn, New York
Certificate in Money Management


Available on request

This is a basic example of how a cashier resume should look. Through this template, you should have a basic understanding of what to include on your resume. Print copies of your cashier resume and bring them to hiring managers at locations that you would like to have the opportunity to work at.

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